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The Santa Claus History

By November 7, 2017Uncategorized
Santa Claus

The Santa Claus History


Once upon a time, St. Nicholas from the Church history and folklore was merged with an English character, Father Nicholas, in order to come up with a character which is known as “Santa Claus” in the world of today.

The Santa Claus was initially depicted as a bishop, however, over time he has lost that appearance. Today, he is known as a jolly big bellied man, with a white beard, wearing a red coat and red pants with fur around his cuffs and collar. He also wears a red hat, and glasses! It’s every kid’s dream to meet Santa on Christmas.


The importance of Santa on Christmas:


It is known that the Santa Claus makes a list of children throughout the year. He looks at children’s behavior and decides what to gift them accordingly. The kids on the “naughty list” don’t get gifts they expected, they get coal instead, however, those children who have been to the best of their behavior throughout the year get the gifts that they really wanted! The interesting part is this that Santa delivers all the toys to children all around the world in a single night! He has help from his elves who make the toys throughout the year at the North Pole, and the Santa Claus delivers the gifts on his sleigh with his flying reindeers. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Moreover, as Winter comes through and the spirit of Christmas awakens, everyone, including naughty kids, tries to be generous and kind. As Santa is supposed to deliver gifts to all kids, he is indeed an important figure in the spirit of Christmas altogether.

Every child waits for the Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Myth has it that Santa slides his way through the chimneys of each house, and enters the house quietly in order to leave gifts on Christmas Eve or the early hours of Christmas.

Children leave milk and cookies for Santa on the Eve of Christmas, and if those cookies and milk are gone by the morning, it means Santa visited the house!


Christmas celebrated with full zeal:


Christmas is probably the most awaited for the time of the entire year! Love and kindness are spread everywhere, generosity is at its peak, and people are very nice to each other. It’s like a different world during the last ten days of December, definitely showing that people are moving towards ending the year with good memories.

A child definitely remembers his/her Christmas gifts all year round, and sometimes even throughout his life. A good gift helps her/him be on good behavior in the coming year, in order for her/him to get an even better gift next time! Children really do believe in Santa Claus. You can make your children’s dream come true by actually inviting Santa to come meet them and to deliver their gifts to them personally! Well, if you’re wondering how that’s even possible, then Santa Delivers can make your child have the best Christmas ever!

You can ask Santa Claus to come by your house to pay your child a visit, and you can shop for a gift that matches your child’s wishes, all from Santa Delivers. Let your child have a Christmas that he will remember forever!


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