Dog toys 14 Pack Set



Product Description

1. Package Content: Set of Dog Toys. (14pcs)

The dog toys set can keep your dogs entertained for hours of entertainment and exercise. It also can train your dog effectively and to bond between dog and owner.

2.Dogs have a natural urge to chew on things so that they can keep their teeth strong and healthy. Your dog will never chew on your furniture or shoes again with this amazing chew toy set! Your dog will have fun and satisfy its chewing urge while keeping its teeth and gums clean and strong.

3.Forget about the chew toys that get shredded within minutes! The Global Pet rubber toys are extremely durable and strong so that your pet can chew as much as it needs to without turning the toys into pieces. The sturdy toys will be more challenging for your dog and more fun!

4.Highly Durable, Pet Safe, Cleans Dogs Teeth & Massages Gums, Solves Boredom, can be used Indoors & Outdoors.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 Kg


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