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In recent years, more parents have started to see their children as “little adults”. It’s true that we talk with them more, and that they understand a lot. Nevertheless, they remain kids before anything else, and they want to experience moments that are full of magic and enchantment. In fact, they need to. To escape, have fun and laugh of course. But also because through imagined characters, such as Santa Clause, children learn the concepts of good and evil, how to tame their fears, put words to their emotions and find solutions to life’s difficulties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book, how to pay and what to expect. All these and many more questions answered below. If you still have any questions please contact us using the contact form.

Will Santa Interact With My Child?

It depends on child’s age. We rely on parents to decide what’s best for their kids as no one knows their children better than you. If that option is chosen, a fee is applied. The interaction will constitute a surprise reaction that Santa is seen ☺ and a small talk where Santa will ask a couple of standard Santa questions. At the end, Santa will ask for cookies and carrots (this is previously discussed with parents).

When Do I Meet Santa?

We will call you in advance to schedule a quick meeting, so you could give Santa presents. It will happen within a week of delivery to accommodate your busy schedule before Christmas.

How Do I Know When Santa Is Coming?

Please choose any available date and time in the calendar below. Santa will also text you: “Jingle Bells” 5 minutes before he delivers presents.

What Should I Tell My Children?

Make up a story! You can say you heard a rumor that Santa will be on your street at a particular time. Then hide somewhere (closet, behind the stairs, etc.) and ask them to be quite not to scare Santa as Santa only visits children who are asleep.

Can I Record How Santa Delivers The Presents?

Yes. It’s likely to be dark, so you will get a great, mystical video. Your children will not guess for a long time, even with the video.

How Did It Work For Other Children?

A boy didn’t believe in Christmas miracles, so his mom told him that she heard Santa will be coming to their house that Christmas Eve. He didn’t believe her and made everyone in his house hide in a closet to make sure that no one would dress up and trick him. His mom called our Santa, and he delivered the presents. That boy was fascinated: he was afraid to say a word to accidentally scare Santa. Our Santa also “lost” his famous key and left a letter to a very good boy, who wanted to believe. Your child will have an unforgettable childhood memory and Santa will be happy to share that moment with your family.

Please note: the key and the letter were provided by a parent in advance.

How Will Santa Enter My House?

Santa hopes you will leave your front door open. If your child insists on closing it, let them know that Santa has a Universal key and provide a key in advance.

Note: If you don’t feel secure giving your key to Santa, please offer an alternative idea.

Can Santa Also Leave a Letter?

Yes, but it has to be prepared by the parents and given at the same time as the presents.