The Day Wishes Come True

  In recent years, more parents have started to see their children as “little adults”. It’s true that we talk with them more, and that they understand a lot. Nevertheless, they remain kids before anything else, and they want to experience moments that are full of magic and enchantment. In fact, they need to. To escape, have fun and laugh of course. But also because through imagined characters, such as Santa Claus, children learn the concepts of good and evil, how to tame their fears, put words to their emotions and find solutions to life’s difficulties.
“Does Santa exist?” The best advice I can give you is to answer: “ What do you think?” It will break the ice and allow you to see where he stands in his understanding of things. The rest will come naturally.
Let them believe in Santa!

                                           How does it work?


Step 1: Choose a day and time from the calendar on our website here

Step 2: Fill out a form

Step 3: We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a quick meeting

Step 4: Hide in your closet – Santa is coming!

Step 5: Witness your Child’s Joy for another year!

Little hints:

Record everything!

Santa can “Lose” his key or Drop a letter (both have to be provided in advance)

Make sure your door is unlocked for the time scheduled.

Santa is ready to answer your questions!

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